Issue Statues

As part of the integration aspect of global the students were assigned an art project that intertwined with the status and/or nature of a world issue. After research of their assigned issue, students in pairs received the issue’s sculpture project from Mr.Craig. They were to build a wooden life like man as tall as the shortest member in their pairings.

The man could only be made out of recycled material and put together with only screws and glue. No nails! The wooden figure also had to be able to stand on it’s own, and be able to move. Students placed their wooden figurines on roller blades, skateboards, or other recycled “wheely” mechanisms in order to move their person around. After the figure was built students had to thoughtfully design their freestanding person to represent their assigned world issue. Complete with a torso, head, arms, legs, and so on, the life like figures gave a life sized representation of the issues surrounding water, alternative lifestyles, and alternative power just to name a few.

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