ISU Monologue:

Over What?

Overpopulation: that’s quite a word.  I wonder if anyone really knows what it even means.  I asked my dad what overpopulation means; he knows everything!  I found out that overpopulation is having more people than can live on the Earth with comfort, happiness and health, while still leaving the world a fit place for future generations.  Dad said that there are currently 6.6 billion people living here on planet Earth.  He made it seem like this was a problem.  I know 6.6 billion is a big number, but this is a big Earth, so I don’t understand why it matters.
Dad said that some people don’t live the way we do.  Their families are smaller.  I have 4 brothers and 2 sisters.  He said that some children only have 1 or 2 sisters or brothers, or maybe even none!  I don’t think they are as lucky as I am.  Who helps them do all the work?  I would hate to be the only child in my family.  Mom has to have lots of children so that we can all work together to provide for our family. 
Dad also said that they live in big houses.  Every person has their own section of the house, with walls and a door.  I can’t even imagine having different parts of our house for every member of our family.  Dad said that they all sleep apart in their own sections, but that seems pretty silly.  Don’t they get lonely?  I try to imagine sleeping all by myself; it’s really scary.  I don’t think I will ever have to worry about that though!  There is not enough room in our house for us each to have our own section.  I always thought everyone lived the way we do.  If they don’t, and other people really do live the way dad says, then that could be bad.  We don’t have enough room in the world for every person to have their own space in their own house.   Maybe what dad was saying about overpopulation is true.
Dad said that people in different parts of the world eat three times a day, and sometimes more.  This can’t possibly be true.  Sometimes I go with mom to the market.  There is not enough food there for our whole town to eat.  Sometimes we don’t have enough.  I know that mom feels bad, but I understand that there is not enough food to buy.  If people in other places eat three times a day, they must be very big, and very greedy.  I think that they should share their food so that my mom can eat at least once a day.
            Dad said that some people use a lot of water too.  Every day they all wash themselves.  I don’t understand how they could be that dirty, but maybe their land is not as clean as ours.  Maybe there is more dirt in the air, and it covers them while they walk through the street.  Daddy said that I was wrong.  They just waste a lot of water because they need to be very clean.  I wish that I could have some of their water. I would not waste it to clean myself though.  I would drink it, and share it with all the people in my town.  Daddy said that I was right about the air though.  They drive cars and have big buildings that pollute our air.  That is why our air is so gross.  Breathing in all of the smog makes me very sick.  Sometimes I cough a lot.  I think that they should keep their bad air for themselves.
Dad says that overpopulation is a serious problem that is getting worse every minute of every day. If something is not done soon, it may be too late for the future for kids like me.

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