ISU Monologue:

Religious Strangle

Dear Pratibha Patil,                                                       

         My name is Aamrapal Napali, and I need
 your help. On this past occasion I and my son have
 gone for our sacred bath in the Ganges River to clean away our sins. But now my son has hepatitis A, he isn’t eating anything because of his appetite loss and when he does get to eat he has sever diarrhea. I am afraid my son is slowing dying and possibly falling into depression; he won’t even play with his friends. I am also afraid for my and the rest of my family and friends lives, my friends perform the same rituals in the Ganges river and it is getting so polluted that it is now unsafe. How are we so post to practise our Hindu rituals if our sacred river is making us extremely ill.

         I strongly feel that you as our prime minister should take the responsibility and do something about the pollution in India’s water. It hurts me to watch my family and friends suffer from these different medical problems from simply practising their religion. Is the god Ganga that resides in the river punishing us for something? We bath in this river to get rid of our sins, are we so post to not be forgiven for our sins; Is this why the river is killing its believers? We no longer know what to do, we must continue practising but we don’t want to continue to fall ill. Please do something about this water or we will be the new bodies that are cremated and sprinkled on the Ganges to reach our heaven. Maybe once all of India’s Hindu’s fall ill, and their ashes are spread over the Ganges you and the rest of the people in power thought our government you will make a change. But when there is no river left and only ashes it will be just a little too late. I hope my pain will be felt by you and everyone else that reads it.
                                                                                            Aamrapal Napali

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