Issue Monologue:

The Last Choice

Today was just like yesterday and the day before and even the days before that. My mom wakes me up and I help my dad with his work. We go out to the backyard and feed the snakes, monkeys and turtles. We have a lot of animals and I really like them. I’ve named all of them. My favourite is Ana; she’s a snake. My dad says she is an Ani… Anilius. I don’t really know how to say it, my dad can though. He knows all of the names of every animal we own. I don’t know why we have so many animals and I don’t understand why my dad doesn’t work at a farm like all my friend’s dads.
My dad tells me not to name the animals, but I still do. He says that they aren’t our pets and we won’t be keeping them. If my dad found out I named them, I think I would get in trouble… So, I don’t tell him or my mom. My dad says that here in Brazil there isn’t a lot of work for him to do. So that is why we have all the animals. It doesn’t really make sense to me since why would we have animals if we have no money. But it’s what my dad tells me, so I have to believe him. He says I don’t understand because I’m only eight. But I know a lot more than he thinks.
One day I saw my dad grab some of the animals and load them into cages. It looked like he hurt them and I got upset. I really hoped that Ana wasn’t in the cages. He took some of our turtles, monkeys and snakes. After he left I ran outside and checked if Ana was still there, luckily she was. When he got home that night I asked him why he did it. He told me that he sold them to a man who is taking them to a new country. My dad told me that in the new country they’ll have better homes. I still don’t believe him. I love all the animals and can’t imagine them going to a better home than mine! I wanted to know what country they were going to. I thought I could maybe visit them when I’m 10; I’ll be really old by then. He said somewhere in North America.
I told my dad that he can’t take Ana because she’s my best friend. He got really mad when I told him that. I wasn’t supposed to name the animals. I got sent to my room. All I could do was sit on my bed. I wanted to go play with Ana, but I think my dad would get even more mad.
The day after, I heard a truck come to our house. It was probably that man taking our animals again. Oh I hate him. If he takes Ana, I will be really mad at my dad. I went up to the window in my kitchen so I could see the backyard. It didn’t look like he took Ana, but the guy gave my dad a lot of money. It looked like the most money I’ve ever seen! When my dad came in I asked him why the guy gave him money. I was told that he sold the animals and that he didn’t want to but it’s his only choice. He needs the money and it’s the only way we can stay in our house. He told me that he goes into the jungle and takes animals. They’re called “exotic” in North America and sell for a lot of money. My dad promised me he wouldn’t give Ana away. I really love my dad. I hope I can be just like him when I’m older!.

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