WWII Response:

The dance “For You I Will” was choreographed for my creative WWII response. Both the dance and the song represent the various reasonings behind a soldier’s departure for war. Each person in the dance represented a different reasoning or situation. Soldiers on both sides of the war had common realities in their lives whether they realized it or not. For example, at the beginning of the dance we are seen writing letters to loved ones back home. Near the end of the dance in our actual performance with costumes and props we unraveled that same piece of paper, showing the reasonings for why we (the soldiers) left home to fight. Perhaps we had different reasonings for fighting but we were all humans, and had loved ones who we missed at home. Hence the similarity in our movement and actions. The song “For You I Will” was appropriate as the “you” represented our different reasonings. One dancer (or soldier) was going to war for his own personal development. In this case the “you” was a “I”. They needed to grow up and mature in life, and decided that joining the war would help to accomplish this. Another soldiers “you” was a nationalistic person standing up for their country that they fealt strongly of. The third persons “you” was a past family member who had died in WWI. Therefore they were fighting in honour of the past sacrifices that their family member had made. Everyone was fighting for someone in WWI whether it was for his country, family, self, or something of similar nature.

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