Holocaust Response:

In response to the movie Memories of the Camp, I thought it was a very thought out movie by showing the footage that they did. It was very disturbing, and I often found myself just shaking my head in disappointment about what was happening. The movie was very graphic, but it gave the topic more information, so we visually saw what happened, instead of just picturing it. The videos shown got me really thinking about how grateful that I am that I wasn’t in that type of environment, but by being shown the movie I felt as if I was put into the time. I had felt strong emotions of hatred towards the Germans, and feelings of sadness, and I felt very useless because I wasn’t able to stop what was going on even though I wasn’t with them.

The Holocaust;
A time of hatred, hopelessness and despair
A time where people were thankful for the time they had to spare
People being hated for what they are
Taking Jewish from near and far
To a camp where they weren’t treated right
Where at the end of the tunnel they saw no light
They wanted to be given hope, they wanted to survive
They begged for their life, they begged for more food
To be let free, to go back home
But their wishes were not heard, not even given a thought
For the Germans thought the Jewish were just items to be bought
May the many Jews who were killed
Who were given no hope, who only wanted to be treated equally with respect
May you rest in peace, in heaven may you rest.

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