Tree of Life

A tree of life
Rooted deep in the earth
Reaching for the sky
Never leaving it’s grasp of the soil
But ever striving to be one with the clouds
Ever growing and coursing with life
While being a pillow for the dead
Ever bringing hope and comfort
For lives of horror and sorrow
Being a light in the smothering darkness
And comfort when hope is all you have left
When I enter its presence I feel its weight
So much weighs down on this tree
Yet it stands, ever reaching
Spirits course through its veins
Emotion emanates from its roots
The hurt runs deep, deep as the roots clutch the earth
Through the toxic horror the roots hold firm sending
 life to the branches, ever reaching
The trunk, strong and bold
In relationship with everything
The strong hold and support
offering healing and understanding
The concept that all living things are connected
comes alive here
For the tree has many stories to tell,
lessons to teach and hope to give
It borrows from the sun and soil,
but always gives back to the earth
Just like the people who gave themselves to the earth in faith
They dreamed of returning to their homeland to be free
The tree was hope for further life and promise of freedom
Hope that as all living things are connected,
those who die at the roots,
their souls will be returned to their motherland
I can only hope they made it home
But I can still feel them
Their screams fill my lungs
Their cries pierce my ears
Their silenced voices clog my throat
Desperate to escape
Their dancing and music move my hips
Their hope wraps and stings my heart with its passion
I don’t know if their souls returned home
But I know the tree welcomed them into its roots
To be cradled and nurtured in mother earth
I believe their spirits were set free
Free to return to their motherland and dwell there at peace.


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