Statue Myth:


Once upon a time, in a mystical fortress high in the air, there lived a young king. Civilians living in the fortress addressed the young king as Lord Crackin. Now Lord Crackin was very young, he was unable to even grow facial hair. He controlled all of Kyton, the largest heaven lurking in the skies. Lord Crackin had a terrible child life. His father, the former lord was killed due to battle with the great god of health. His mother was later given to the god as an offering to place peace on the land once again. Peace was finally brought upon the land once again, at least until Lord Crackin reached age 17.

            The god’s name is Zeus. As strong as they come, Zeus controls all of the heavens. He represents all health and living among the skies, and his emotions can either destroy or create life. Many times he is seen as open minded and calm, but on the rare occasion Zeus will break into an unstoppable rage, destroying anything in his path until receiving what he desires. One day Lord Crackin’s father ignored a sacrificing for Zeus. This was one day the people of Kyton wish they can forget. Zeus appeared in a flash of light brighter than the sun itself, civilians ran as the rage could be felt throughout the air of Kyton. Lord Crackin’s father had no choice but to protect the sacred land, in an ancient battle the two began to fight. Zeus overpowered the mere human with his super strength and abilities. The battle was short, as Lord Crackin’s father was killed. His wife was later sacrificed. However, Kyton did get one positive out of the battle, Zeus swore to never attack Kyton again, and Lord Crackin just had to follow a simple sacrifice daily.

            It was a day like any other in Kyton, children running, adults chatting, and elders listening. It was Lord Crackin’s 17th birthday celebration, and the land of Kyton knew how to show it. Massive parades were sent throughout the heavens. Now ever since Lord Crackin’s fathers downfall, there has been zero conflict between Zeus and the sacred land of Kyton. That was about to change. Lord Crackin was about to make a human sacrifice like any other day. Sacrifices in Kyton were randomly picked buy a group of philosophers. On Lord Crackin’s 17th birthday his girlfriend was the chosen sacrifice. Lord Crackin refused to give up his loved one, no matter how severe the after affects. The night was filled with celebration and the sacrifice was ignored. Lord Crackin woke the next morning due to a large shockwave sent throughout the heavens.

            Zeus appeared with his cherry red face sending terrorism across Kyton. Every step he took towards the Lord’s fortress created mini earthquakes, houses began to collapse in his path. As Zeus approached the fortress, guards began to flee. Lord Crackin slowly opened the massive fortress doors. Zeus spoke to him with a tone of aggression and sorrow. Lord Crackin tried to explain why the sacrifice could not be made, but Zeus wanted none of it. Zeus stopped the talking and started the violence, hurling his massive body towards Lord Crackin. Lord Crackin knew the only way to kill a god, was a god. He needed for Zeus to be the downfall of his own demise. Lord Crackin, although young was smart, he caused Zeus to hurl himself so powerfully, that Zeus himself couldn’t control it. Zeus went spinning in an uncontrollable whirlwind that put the god in an eternal sleep. Lord Crackin had won.

With civilians thinking the battle was finally over, Zeus had one more thing up his sleeve. Zeus, before his eternal sleep was able to place a curse on the land of Kyton. Innocent civilians far and wide had been affected by an unknown sickness. Over time the land began to fall to its demise. Everyone was dying around Lord Crackin, but why hadn’t he died? Zeus placed a curse on everyone except Lord Crackin; therefore Lord Crackin lived in a life of solitude for many years until poisoning himself. Zeus, although in his eternal sleep had proved his point, selfishness gets you nowhere.
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