Statue Myth:

The Legend of Understanding        

A long time ago, when the earth was young, a young woman was walking through the desert when, all of a sudden, something heavy fell from the sky and landed a few meters in front of her. She fell backwards onto the hot sand in shock, breathing heavily.
            She stared at the dark, mysterious object and contemplated her next move.
She slowly stood, and cautiously made her way towards the specimen. When she reached it, she could see hands, feet, arms, legs and a head, but no face. It looked innocent, yet frightening. She was intrigued, so she reached out to the object and slowly touched where its face should have been. It shrieked loudly, knocking her into the sand once again.
            With determination she rose and picked up the creature. It was resistant at first, but eventually gave in to her. As soon as the creature calmed, a warm sensation ran up her arms and to her chest then to her head. With this warmth came great understanding; she now understood the hearts of the human race.
            The woman took the creature back to her village and cared for it for many, many years until she died, peacefully of old age.
            Over the years the creature had transformed into a towering, sturdy animal, closely resembling a man.  One day, while he was plowing the fields that surrounded his village, he saw a hawk flying in the sky above him. He looked upwards towards the hawk and followed it with his eyes. A few moments later, he could feel the hawk, he knew the hawk, and he understood it. It was calling to him; telling him what he must do.
            It had told him that he must waste no time, so he dropped his heavy equipment and left his village and his home for good.

            The Great Hawk had told him that he must bring acceptance and knowledge to the hearts and minds of the entire human race. When they understood each other and human life, there would be no war, hatred or greed.
            On his journey, he travelled to the far corners of the earth, searching for people that would help him with his mission. He scoured the earth for thousands of years and met several wise humans that helped him with his mission.
            There was the Buddha, an enlightened man who taught understanding and humanity, Jesus Christ, who taught love and compassion, Mohammed, who taught social and economic justice and Confucius, who taught sincerity and governmental morality. Many other humans helped him along on his journey, but his greatest enemies were, in fact, humans. They often resisted his teachings, believing that their ideas and religion were better than others. They refused to understand or sympathize with other beliefs, outright rejecting them.
            This mission went on for thousands of years, the gift of knowledge was on his side, but he still struggled with his teachings.
As the human race grew older, the hero grew weaker. He couldn’t put up with the constant resistance that he encountered in his mission and one day he gave up. He knew that he could live no longer, so he laid down and felt his heart slowly stop beating. In the last few moments of his life, he could feel all the human suffering, pain and hatred come into his body, drowning him in emotion. Then, everything went black.


    A small sound, barely audible, a tiny dot of light in the distance. He wasn’t alive, but he wasn’t dead either. There was still hope; his teachings lived on in the minds of the humans that he touched. His ideas were still alive, and acceptance between humans grew slowly, but surely.

Understanding was still alive.

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