Issue Monologue:

The Secrets of the Streets

I remember my first day living on the streets, I learned a lot. I was amazed at how rude and cruel some people are towards you. I will never forget their constant looks of discuss, just staring at you for no reason and looking like you are scum invading on their earth.
              I remember the first time I had to beg for money, I was terrified. I was so used to being independent and having money, that I never pictured myself being in this spot before. I expected that people would be generous enough to give me some spare change so I could go buy a burger. It’s only a few cents. How hard can it be? They have jobs; they get money on a regular basis. How much is 25 cents really going to affect them? Boy was I ever wrong though. I sat on the corner of a street all day, with my small backpack beside me and a little sign that said, “Spare change would be helpful I’m hungry.” Hundreds of people walked by me that day, all just staring as they walked by. They could read, all of them, I could tell!
 They’d read my sign and keep walking it was making me very mad. Here they are, having everything they need: shoes, clothes, money, a good future and I’m stuck here in the pouring rain, starving belly and ripped clothes that don’t keep me warm. That day I made 25 cents, a little girl was kind enough to drop her 25 cents into my cup. I think the little ones are more understanding and kinder than the older people; I just can’t figure out why.  
            I remember the friends that I had. I was quite the popular one back in high school. I had a lot of cool friends and went to parties all the time. I was into the drinking, not so much the drugs. I was a real cool kid; it was what you had to do to be one. Sure it was fun; I wouldn’t trade it for a thing, but look where it’s got me now. Sitting on the corner of a street not knowing when I’m going to get my next fix, or meal, or how much longer I’m going to live. I wish my friends were here with me now, when I really need them. Now my only friend is a bottle.
            I remember my first time on a bus. I managed to find a spare bus ticket on the streets. When I stepped on the bus, the driver gave me a really dirty look. You could tell he didn’t want to take my ticket, but he had to. I sat on the back seat of that bus, and rode it all day. People would get onto the bus smiling and laughing. They would take one look at me and suddenly the smiles went to blank faces and the laughing became silent. I don’t understand some people. It’s not like I’m harming anyone. I’m just sitting here keeping to myself because it’s warm I’m not hurting anyone. I was on that bus for ten hours that day. I would have stayed on longer it was so warm and I didn’t want to get off, but the driver told me that I had to because they we going to go park them. I wish I could ride the bus every day.     
            I remember my old life, when I lived in a house, worked at the grocery store and had a family. I miss that life. When my father left us, it was up to my mom to take care of me. She had so problems that I couldn’t understand; she was on a lot of different medications. After my father left us, she was never the same. She rarely spoke to me and just gave me money to get out of the house. I felt like she didn’t love me anymore and I was just a reflection of my father.
            I remember the day I came home late from work. I saw my mom lying on the couch she was not alone. There were several empty bottles of medication and a bottle of whiskey beside her. This is when my whole world turned upside down. I don’t have a father and now I don’t have a mother I am alone. With my mother’s death, I turned to alcohol and drugs. It made me feel better about myself and forget my past. I ended up spending all my money on drugs and booze. I was always high on something. I ended up losing my job and the house. This is why I am here today on the corner of the street and will be for who knows how long.
                                                Forever Homeless
                                                                        - Jonny

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