Cuba Journal Excerpts:

Silent Protest

The trash is everywhere, it devours the land and vomits into the river, and it caused me to wonder, why is poverty connected to dirty, or garbage especially in a country with such a patriotic and proud driving force, but I understand here in Cuba. I was shocked when my garbage was dropped into the dark green depths of a river rather than a trash bag. I was then told that if the government didn’t like it, it was their responsibility to clean it. That was when I realized, it was all very clear. A silent protest like an insult whispered under your breath for fear of being confronted. The only way they can show their unhappiness with their “proud” nation is to shame it and make it worthless. When free speech means a tight lipped smile the silent actions have to speak the loudest.


Competitive vs. Cooperative

            We are naturally competitive, it is our surroundings and our worry in regards to what other people think that causes us to be cooperative. We know that cooperation in most cases is “nice” and the “good” thing to do, but it is not natural. Cooperation does not equal survival. Cooperation is a luxury you can only atain when you have established a comfortable life, when survival is no longer your first concern.


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