ISU Monologue:

The Prospect of Freedom

I can barely breathe as I sit on this hard, uncomfortable ground. The smell in the air is horrible; it stinks of urine and filth. I wouldn’t expect anything else though; we have been stuck in here for days. Everyone around me is so packed together that we can barely move, and you couldn’t do so without hitting the person beside you. I try to get more comfortable, but all I end up doing is elbowing my cousin Carlos in the face. In return he delivers a punch to my stomach, and I go back to sitting in my original position. I sigh and tilt my head back against the wall; I couldn’t really blame him for punching me. Everyone in here is so wound up, and if we don’t arrive soon, there is sure to be a fight. We are running out of food, and everyone is sore from sitting still for so long. The only thing keeping me sane at this point is the prospect of freedom.
         I tilt my head forward again, and I look around, studying the 30 faces in here with me. I didn’t know many of them, besides my father, mother, and my little sister Maria. Carlos is with us too, since my aunt and uncle dies four years ago. We get along pretty good, which is probably due to the fact he is only two years older than me. Also with him is his girlfriend Rosa. They are sitting side by side, and her head is on his shoulders, so I am assuming she is asleep. They plan to get married once we reach America, even though they are only 19 years old. When my father first heard about their plans he was furious, but he loves Rosa like his own daughter, so he is coming around to the idea of their marriage.
         Those are the only faces I know, which is strange considering I have travelled with this group for days, and I still know none of their names. I can understand why they don’t want to speak though, everyone is anxious to arrive, and terrified of being caught. Suddenly, the truck abruptly stops, and everyone is thrown forward. Someone grunts as their head hit another, and then everyone is silent. We wait for what seems like a thousand years, and then quickly the tarp is thrown off. I scramble to compose myself, but all around me is a whirlwind of panic. I hear dogs barking, and all around me is screams of terror and agony. These sounds enter my bones, and send a cold, tingling feeling up my back. Someone grabs me by the arm, and I am pulled from the truck. I look around me, but it is a blur. My body has still not comprehended what has just happened. I struggle to find my family’s faces in the crowd, until finally I see my father fighting against a cop. Not far away, I see Carlos lying on the ground, blood streaming from his head. Rosa is beside him sobbing, but then she too is grabbed and led away from the chaos. The person holding me now grabs my hands, and puts them into cuffs. Tears are running down my face, and a hard blow is delivered to the back of my head. I black out
         I look around me, and I see the familiar faces of my father, mother, and sister. I see my cousin Carlos, and beside him is Rosa. In her lap, is her daughter Cecilia, who turned five yesterday. The air smells of urine, and I struggle to get comfortable. I lean my head against the wall behind me, and sigh. This time I am not sane, this time I am desperate. The prospect of freedom is close within my reach, but so far I have not been able to grasp it. I am not willing to give up on it.     


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