Statue Myth:

Thunder Man

Many years ago there lived a boy who saved his entire village.  When Manuel was born he was no different from anybody else.  He was just an average baby boy with a mom and a dad. Manuel was born in Bogota Columbia and was raised on a farm in a little village called Plato which was shadowing the Pico Mountains. Until he was 15 Manuel lived a normal life, went to school, worked on the farm, had friends everything was going great. One hot sunny day as Manuel was outside trying to water the few plants that were still surviving this horrible drought, he noticed something odd.   Far away in the distance, the Pico Mountains, which were the tallest mountains in all of Columbia, had been hit by lightning. Now this may not seem unusual, but since there was no storm Manuel wondered why this had happened. He didn’t think anything of it and continued working.  One week later, Manuel was walking home from school when he watched the Pico Mountains, as they were struck by lightning again. Manuel was confused on why this kept happening on hot sunny days when there was no sign of a storm anywhere close by. When Manuel got home, he asked his farther about these curious lightning strikes on top of the infamous Pico Mountains.
 His father said, ‘Son, I’ll tell you the story about the Thunder Shaman.   Long ago, during the longest drought in Columbia’s history, people were begging for a drop of rain.  There seemed to be no end in sight to this awful drought.  Then one day, a figure appeared on top of Mount Pico.   The entire village crowed around to watch what was going to happen next and suddenly the mountaintop was struck by lightning.  It began to rain.   All the villagers cheered and we were all saved.  Rumor had it that the Thunder Shaman had caused this awful drought.”   Later that night when Manuel went to bed, he was looking out his window when lightning struck Mount Pico again. At that point, Manuel knew that he was being called to climb Mount Pico and battle the Thunder Shaman till death to save his people from this horrible drought. That night, Manuel packed a little food and a kitchen knife into his small back pack and snuck out his bedroom window and began his long journey to the top of Mount Pico. As Manuel began his journey, he wondered how he would conquer the Thunder Shaman with only his kitchen knife. Manuel continued walking through the morning and stopped the next day around lunch time at the bottom of Pico Mountain. As he was eating, a very fat man walked by and started a harmless conversation. Manuel found out that his name was Bigwolf.  Eventually, Manuel told Bigwolf everything about the journey he was on and how he was chosen to end this horrible drought. Bigwolf asked if he could accompany Manuel on his journey up the Mountain.
                  Bigwolf and Manuel started on the journey up the mountain.   The further they climbed the intrusive rock, the looser it became.   Manuel got a good grasp of the rock in his right hand and started to heave himself up.  Suddenly, the rock Manuel grabbed, gave way.  He tried to reach for another rock but his hands could only grab at the air. Manuel fell only the height of a village hut, but he manages to land on uneven rocks and sprained his wrist trying to break the fall.  He was in great pain, but Bigwolf quickly came down to aid him. Bigwolf sat with him and tied a supporting sling around his neck so he could rest his wrist in the soft fabric.  Manuel decided to carry on even though each time he moved his are he experienced excruciating pain.   Bigwolf tried to carry Manuel up the mountainside, but Manuel would not accept his new friend’s offer and continued to persevere up the mountain.  
            Manuel and Bigwolf finally made it to the top of mount Pico just as another bolt of lightning struck nearby. They both jumped back and out of nowhere smoke began to raise and a figure appeared it was the Thunder man….. Manuel sprung into action and passed the kitchen knife to Bigwolf as Manuel wrist was still in great pain. Bigwolf went to stab at The Thunder man but it was to no avail. Thunder man struck the knife out of his hand and became angrier. Manuel did not know what to do until suddenly he was hit by a beam of lightning. After smoke had passed a massive orange and blue man appeared Manuel had changed into a real superhero. After a long battle Manuel heaved Thunder man off Mount Pico and had fulfilled his journey to save his village from this horrible drought. Bigwolf and Manuel flew down the Mountain and were greeted by the villagers chanting his name “Manuel, Manuel, Manuel.” Just as it began to rain Manuel thanked Bigwolf for all of his help on his journey.
            Many years later the town of Plato was growing crops and everybody was living a happy life. Manuel found out how to control his powers and change from having super powers to a regular guy, he later became a hero in Columbia. Manuel and Bigwolf stayed best friends. 

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