Biography of Carlee Bayes

Name: Carlee Bayes

Nickname: Carls, Carlos, Ginger…

Age: 16

Future Career:

Basically anything that has to do with the environment and a little mix of biology..? Maybe? If that fails, look for my name in shining lights! Acting’s where its at, man!

Favourite Quote:

“Anyone perfect must be lying, anything easy has its cost, anyone plain can be lovely, anyone loved can be lost” –Barenaked Ladies
I love this quote, cause well, it’s kind of self explanatory. It speaks the truth, and I agree with every line. I especially like the first and last lin es. Before I heard this song, I already kinda knew about the first line. But the last line I didn’t even think about before, but it’s true. You can lose anyone you love out of nowhere. Plus, I love the Barenaked Ladies in general . ♥

Why I was interested in Global:

My brother was the first Bayes in this program and he wouldn’t stop talking about it. Also, I thought that it was a very, very interesting program, and that it would be a great learning experience and challenge. I also really enjoy travelling, even though I’ve hardly gone anywhere!

Favourite quote of Global:

“Where are you in the wiener factory of life?”

What planet would you most prefer to live on?

I’d say Saturn. Not only would I be able to chill in the rings, but Saturn has hundreds of moons. They’d be out at different times each day. I think it would be really cool!


I love performing. Be it dancing, guitar playing, or acting, I love doing what I love for an audience. Especially acting. I enjoy being able to step into a totally different person’s shoes and step out of my life for a few moments. I like being outside. I love camping, canoeing, biking...Umm… camping…My dog is amazing. I’ve been living in Barrie for 13 years. Global is AMAZING! I love the people, the courses, the teachers, the experiences, the Cuba, the German partners, the everything! Thank you to everyone who has made it perfect for me