Wow, what a journey. Coming into the Global Perspectives program, the group of 2011 was eager to experience new things. And believe us, we have. At the beginning, everyone had their own little groups within global but that quickly faded. Throughout the semester, we have not only become great friends but we have become a family. Whether it be staying up together until 1-4 in the morning to finish an assignment or comforting each other when someone is down, we are and always will be there for each other. Family is one value that all global students cherish.

Our journey to Cuba brought us even closer. We made great friends with our Cuban counter parts and we will never forget our time there. For some of us, it was our first time travelling and also the time of our lives.

lobal has prepared us for the future in so many ways, most importantly for university. The amount and quality of work that we have achieved, is equal and maybe even succeeds that of university. The presentation and writing skills that we have enhanced, will prepare for us future assignments where ever we go.

It will be quite sad when the last day of the semester rains down on us but the truth is Global never comes to an end. We will stay in contact with each other as the years go by and have the occasional global party now and then. Global has been the experience of a life time and all though the work load seems tough, it is all worth it.

--Reid Hoare

Carlee Bayes

Nicole Lee

Sarah Brooks

Adam Lowther

Jake Burke

Katie McEwan

Drew Coulson

Abbi Morrison

Graham Ferguson

Claire Philp

Danika Goshulak

Kaleigh Potts

Chelsea Hillier

Brandon Richards

Reid Hoare

Kevin Smith

Charlotte Johnston

Jordan Stewart

John Keener

Virginie Tardif-Plante

Lindsay Kingston

Mary Tress

Caroline Krajcik

Jacklyn Tuckey

Cameron Lacey

Danielle Waters

Benjamin Lepage

Stephen Welsh