Biography of Jake Burke

Name: Jakob Alexander Burke

Nickname: Jake, Jakey

Age: 16

Future career: Accountant, Architect

Favorite quote
- “Music is what feelings sound like” – anonymous. How else do you explain what feelings sound like? Music is life.

Why were you interested in Global? 
- The idea of travelling with a group of people who I would, undoubtedly, become extremely close to, and making many new friends abroad, was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

What is it going to be like going back to ‘normal’ life? 
- I’m not ready to go back. I would, if I could, stay with these people for the rest of my high school career. I love them. The relations I have made will, hopefully, be everlasting. When I go back to Eastview, I don’t expect that my non-global friends will be able to understand the new view I think I have on life. It’ll be very hard, but if I could get through global, I can do anything. 

How did you get through the GIGANTIC workload that is, Global?
- Music. As you can tell from my favorite quote, music is everything. For nearly every mood I got into, I had a song to go to, which I could listen to and still get what I needed done. It wasn’t easy though, the first few weeks, and the week or so after Cuba were very difficult. I'm still not used to the amount of work, but we’re global, and we’re elite, so we can do nearly anything we try.