Biography of Drew Coulson

Name: Drew Coulson

Nicknames: N/A

Age: 16

Future Career? Kinesiologist, Entrepreneur or Aviation Commander

Favourite Quote: “Sometimes you have to step out of your world, to understand another”. Why? Because the truth lies between the words.

Why I Chose to Apply for Global
Global is not just another course that is in front of being an obstacle, waiting to be behind. It is a new opportunity to discover the world that has not yet been discovered. It is a time of letting go (Mother) and being able to adventure where darkness seeks no light. It is time that I discover the world for what it truly is, through the eyes of what I see. Global is my time to evolve into a character where paths are not chosen by the bystander but by that character of I. Though mistakes will be made, those mistakes are the building blocks to a stronger foundation. Global is something that will help me not hurt me, build me, not destroy. It is time to see the other side of the story it is time to run for my goals because “success is nor a factor of fate, it is nearly a progressive state”. The words of the words in which you are worded, are the gatherings of life that are the frames, which will support you in your coming future. Because “sometimes you have to step out of your world, to understand another”. They say never to start a sentence with because, I just did, my life consists of no limits and I will strive to be determined to reach the goals that I have. It is time that I sit in the drive seat of my life, with Global; it will bring me that much closer to my goal!


What I get the most out of this?
Out of all these experiences inside and out of class, is the aspect of meeting ‘True’ friends in life. These people, in this class are fighting to reach their goals; these are the people I want to know for the rest of my life. Family is a word of honor to be apart of, and I am honored to be a family member of Global. If it wasn’t for David W. Morrison, I would never of had the chance to meet friends that would be friends forever. Thank you, Morri!

Skills I gain from Global?
The skills I gained from Global has taught me new way of how to live life. I would never of thought that I had it in me to be able to dance and act and have the confidence to strive for my best. FEAR is just a word that eats people alive. Global has taught me that you have to jump in life, if you want to attempt a journey. You have to be able to cross the river, to gain a new perspective. Global has given me a skill, a skill to be able to see two sides of the story. A wise man once said, “there are three sides to every story, yours, mine and the truth”. (David W. Morrison)