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The day of departure brought a morning far too early for many of us. The morning woes, however, were quickly consumed by the prospect of arriving in Cuba that same day. A short bus ride, and a three hour flight later and we were in Cuba, a country full of diverse culture, brilliant dancing, and long beautiful beaches. The history we found in Cuba was endless, as we were constantly reminded by Morri. The dancing, a huge part of life in Cuba, became a huge part of our lives while we were in Cuba. We were taught the complexities of Cuban dancing almost every night. At first we were all skeptical of dancing every night, but it quickly grew on us, and following our departure it was obvious that we missed it. After several successful presentations, both on our behalf and the Cubans, the trip was quickly coming to a close. The 14 days flew by, and soon enough the two weeks were gone, and we had to leave the Cuban s. Many of us had built good friendships with Cubans, and found it very difficult to leave them. Their culture was both beautiful and desired by many of our Canadians, and many of us didn’t want to leave the laid back Cuban lifestyle. But, push came to shove and we were all forced on the plane, with tears flowing. After a three hour return flight, we finally arrived home safely. Upon arrival, we found our parents, and many of us immediately ran out of the building to get home as fast as possible, to clean our dirty clothes, and to eat something other than chicken and rice! The trip was successful in fulfilling its purpose. It is safe to say that we were all successful in our goal to learn about the Cuban culture, history, art, and dancing. It was a much different learning experience which is far more effective in teaching us about a culture outside our own, simply because we were able to experience it!


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