Biography of Reid Hoare

My name is William “Reid” Hoare. I go by Reid because other members in my family are also named William. I was born on July 18 1994. Many of my family members are teachers.  It must be in my blood as teaching will most likely be my future career. All sciences have got to be my favourite subjects and I hope I can teach science someday. Even though Science is not a part of Global, I still wanted to take Global. I learned about the program because my brother Dylan was in the program four years before me. After listening to him staying up late all those nights, I knew that this program would be the academic challenge that I was looking for. School was boring before Global but not anymore. It has fulfilled my expectations to the max.  I also wanted the experience of traveling outside of North America.

The nickname I gave myself is Lupus Warrior. It is not shorter but I believe it is appropriate. I have an auto immune disease called Lupus and I am a fighter of/for it. I participate it annual walks which raise money for Lupus Ontario and I am involved in some studies at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto. Fortunately my case of Lupus is not as severe as others.  It is quite unlucky for me because Lupus is far more common in women than men. Lupus affects approximately nine women for every man. I am extremely lucky in the sense that some patients with Lupus can barely walk. So I guess I should be more optimistic.
My favourite book is “The Thief Lord”. As I read this novel several years ago, I got lost in it. I have never been so memorized by a setting in a book. It takes place in Italy and ever since I read it, one of my dreams has been to travel to Italy. I wouldn’t want to go until I was an adult so I could experience it on my own. 

My favourite movies include the “Toy Story” trilogy, “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World”, “Zombieland”, “Forest Gump”, and “Meet the Robinsons”.  “Meet the Robinsons” has got to be my all-time favourite. It has such an inspiring message and even though I am a guy, it makes me cry every time I watch it. Everything keeps going wrong for the main character but in the end everything falls into place and it is probably the happiest ending to a movie ever.  This leads into my next topic of favourite quotes. They include "when something bad happens, you have three choices; you can either let it  ... • define you, • destroy you, • or you can let it strengthen you," – Anonymous. And “Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we’re curious… and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths,” – Walt Disney. I really value not giving up and that is what I believe these quotes demonstrate. They are pretty self-explanatory quotes but amazing messages.


So this has been Reid Hoare in flash and I am sure you will hear or see my name in the near future.