Welcome to a program that is unlike anything you have ever imagined. When we walked into portable 11 on the first day, none of us had any idea of what to expect. Of course we were expecting to be going on two trips, doing an enormous amount of work but we quickly learned that global is much, much, more.



What is Global Perspectives?

You are likely wondering what Global Perspectives is. Well technically speaking Global is a 5 credit fully integrated program with a strong focus on self exploration and global issues. The 5 credits are grade 11 English, Art, History, Comparative Spirituality and grade 12 World Issues. The program runs every year in the second semester at Innisdale Secondary School in Barrie, Ontario. This year there were 28 unique students in the program who are all, most of the time, academically minded students. Along with the five credits the students also get opportunity for international travel.
To the 28 students, Global is that and so much more. The integration aspect of the program and the unique teaching styles of the four teachers, which I admit takes some getting used to, helps to make Global a once in a lifetime opportunity. The learning environment offered by the program is like nothing ever experienced before by the students.
For the students Global is also work, and more work. The students are given a tremendous amount of creative space for each project and constantly reminded to “be creative and good things will happen”.
With Global there are also two international trips, one to Cuba, to experience and gain a perspective of the third world. And the second trip to Barrie’s sister city Zweibrücken in Germany. Not only are the trips a great reward for all the long, sleepless nights and hard work done by the students, they add to the program in such a way that without them Global just wouldn’t be what it is. The trips provided the students with valuable experiences and memories and a number of perspectives on different issues that affect Canada and the World.
The teacher team, Mr. Morrison, Mr. Ruttan, Mr. Taylor and Mr. Torlee all make the program what it is, and the students are grateful for all that they do. Also without the generosity of the numerous corporate and private sponsors this program could not exist. On behalf of the students of Global we would like to thank the teachers and sponsors of the program for providing us with the once in a life time opportunity that is Global.