Biography of John Keener

Name: John Keener

Nickname: Keener or Jo-Jo

Age: 17

Future Career: Obtain my trilingual status and work at an embassy or a University prof.

Favourite Quote:
"Everyone who's ever taken a shower has an idea. It's the person who gets out of the shower, dries off and does something about it who makes a difference." 
Nolan Bushnell 

How has Global changed me?
I find Global has changed me in the way that I have a new perspective on everything around me. No matter what, politics, or history or even art I now do not only look on the surface bust I have a want to dig deeper and find what it is about. Global in my opinion has also changed me in the way that, I feel as if I can let other people take control and let them do what I would because, I know that I will be there to help them if they so need it. A final major change that I have had due to Global was how to cope with a heavy course load, short due dates, and difficult work; this will be something I will be thankful for, for the rest of my career as a student and hopefully into my life after university.

What is Global to me?
1 Portable
5 Courses 
4 Teachers
1 Massive amount of work
28 New friends
2 Brilliant trips
1,000,000 Laughs and Memories
1 Safe environment
+ 1 Group of people coming together as a family