Biography of Lindsay Kingston

Name: Lindsay Maria Kingston

Nickname: Linds, Lindso, K-town

Age: 17 Years Old

Future Career: Psychiatrist

Favourite Quote:
"If you do not know where you are going, every road will get you nowhere." –Unknown

Why were you interested in Global?
I was interested in Global Perspectives because of the learning experiences and travel.
My hero’s are my nanny and poppy, Joan and Bruce Catton. I look up to them for everything, they are amazing.

Favourite Animal:
Dogs are my favorite animals, they love you unconditionally. My dogs name is Chloe and I love her to DEATH!

Life Goals:
I plan to live everyday to its fullest because you only live once, and you only get one chance. I want to love and laugh and live in happiness. I plan to work very hard to become a doctor and create a wonderful family.