Biography of Claire philp

Name: Claire Philp

Nickname: Claire Bear

Age: 16

Future Career:
Teacher or Social Worker (I want to work with kids and have an impact on their life!)

Favourite Quote:
A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination, Nelson Mandela. This is my favourite quote because I think that to be successful in life you need to have both, and certainly in Global.

Why were you interested in global?
I was interested in Global for a few reasons. I love new experiences, to travel, meeting new people, and being challenged. I knew that Global would present me with an opportunity to do each of these things, and I just couldn’t resist!

Hockey, soccer, rugby, snowboarding, swimming, canoeing, and kayaking. I also go to camp every summer and I love spending time with my friends and family. I also enjoy traveling, canoe trips and listening to music.

Favourite Book: HARRY POTTER!! (entire series) 

Heyyy… I’m Claire! I have red hair and a million freckles, I believe I have the most freckles of all the red heads in Global (but they will tell you otherwise) :). I am very sports oriented as you can see from my hobbies. I play some sports competitively and others for fun at camp or at school. My home school is Nantyr Shores and I live in Innisfil. I love musicals and singing (glee, grease, etc) but I love a good hockey game. My favourite player in Sidney Crosby, common you have to admit he is extremely talented, and he did score the golden goal! I love my summers, which are usually spent at camp, traveling with my family or on a canoe trip. Global is amazing and it has opened my eyes to the World, I am a completely changed person now because of Global. It is a lot of work, and very challenging, but the friends that I have made and the experiences will last me a life time! There were so many times in Global where I wished the moment would last forever, from Cuba to P.11 and soon to Germany. I am so glad that I did Global and I will never forget this experience