Name: Brandon Richards

Nick Name: Branflakes

Future Career: Teen Therapist

Favorite Quote: “ The Key to change.. is to let go of fear” This means something to me, because in order to change or move on, you have to let of go of being afraid and push through your fears. This is what I have constantly had to do in my life, for example the global perspectives program. It may be a lot of work but in the end it’s a rewarding experience.

Why where you interested in Global:
I was interested in global as it provided me the opportunity to expand my self intellectually and allow me to pursue in an experience of a lifetime. With global, I thought of it as an opportunity to experience a new way of learning, and to meet people hopefully growing to life long friends. I thought it was going to be a rewarding experience allowing me to travel and learn new cultures. This is what I thought of global and this is what global has become to me.

What I get the most out of? 
The past couple years I have been volunteering at the Seasons Centre for Grieving Children. This is a non-government funded organization that provides grief support to children and adults that have lost a loved one or have a loved one with a terminal illness. It provides me insight on how hard life can really be and the unfairness to go along with it. There are 7-year-old kids going through issues that are way beyond the maturity level on an everyday basis. Being part of something that allows kids to work through their grief so they can feel normal again is truly rewarding. These kids go through so much but yet they are so strong and humble to everything, and are always welcoming people with open arms. Its taught me to cherish the family I have and live life for the moment as life is precious, and something so precious can disappear in an instant. With working with the What about Me group (kids with immediate family members that are diagnosed with a terminal illness) has taught me to be patient and always remember how special family really is. To be a part of the grieving process for kids going through so many issues, and to make there life a little bit better is truly rewarding.

Skills Provided by Global?
Previously entering Global perspectives, I was a procrastinator and left everything to the last minute. I can honestly say that has changed because if you do you will not succeed. However it has taught me responsibility, and to be a better more comfortable presenter. Throughout global these two skills were necessary as most of the assignments called for them, so overtime these skills have progressed and helped me for the rest of global. But the most important skill I learned was how to cook killer Tunisian food. Tunisia was an interesting country but cooking their food for Colony to Nationhood was truly rewarding, as it was really tasty and who doesn’t like tasty food? Therefore learning to manage my time, become responsible, better speaker, and learning how to cook like a champ will stay in my skill set forever thanks to Global Perspectives.

My name is Brandon Richards and I am a student at Innisdale Secondary School. In my life I’m planning to become a therapist but in the field of teens. This has come from volunteering at the Seasons Centre. I enjoy all kinds of music but I prefer calm, softer types. I love the water, and I’m usually in my pool all summer. I find it a way to think and true tranquility. I also love to surf in Grand Bend and watch the sunset go down. Also, I’m very social as I can talk to anybody and talk for pretty much hours about anything. From that, I got a job at the Allendale Rec Centre as a Zamboni driver. Overall, I’m a social person who’s always searching for new opportunities.