Biography of Chris Taylor

Name: Taylor

Nickname: Jedi Master

I’m good at everything… and lying

Pissing off Morri

Favourite Quote:
“Presentation is everything” – Me J
“Rule #63- No Excuses!”

Favourite Global Project:
Anything involving making Stuff!

First Impression of this year’s Global class:

After 4 months with the Global hooligans, what do you think about them? What do you like and don’t like about the group?
Bunch of crazy kids! Bradford kids are really nuts! That kid from Eastview keep muttering..

Why did you want to be a Global teacher?
Raise in pay- I now clear over $27.00 a week! Benefits… free donuts, get to bug Morri on a daily basis… $50 000 expense account… More donuts..

How long have you been a Global teacher?
Too long.. Not long enough