Biography of Matt Torlee


Name: Mr Torlée

Nickname:  T-Bone / T-Sauce / T-Dog



  • ability to see the big picture
  • ability to identify most songs within hearing the first three notes
  • making slideshows

Baseball, volleyball, fishing, camping, travelling, music, reading

Favourite Quote:
“Life is what happens while you are making other plans”
-John Lennon

Favourite Global Project:
Colony to Nationhood

First Impression of this year’s Global class:
They seemed to be quiet and afraid

After spending 4 months with the Global hooligans, what do you think about the students? What do you like and dislike?
They are definitely not shy or afraid! It has been an incredible experience watching them develop their skills and discover their potential. The group is full of amazing personalities and impressive talent. The only thing that I don’t like about the group is the fact that the portable smells like lunch meat after they leave.

Why did you want to be a Global teacher?
Global Perspectives provides and opportunity to work with students outside of they traditional classroom environment. I was looking for a new challenge- for my students and myself.

How long have you been a Global teacher?
One year