Name: Danielle Waters

Nickname: Munchkin / Sniper / Danny

Age: 17

Future Career: something environmental


Favourite quote:
“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened”. This is kind of just a general statement about anything really. For me it more has to do with all the different experiences I’ve had and how once there done with and you leave you shouldn’t be crying over it, you should be smiling.
Also, “where are you in the wiener factory of life?” – Mr. Taylor


Why were you interested in Global?
I was interested in global because I defiantly like traveling, that probably the first thing everyone thinks of when they hear about the program. But I started to realize that it was going to become a family, and I really like to have a family atmosphere around me.


What skills has global provided you with?
I’ve defiantly gained somewhat of a work habit. I cant procrastinate because projects are worth more and the work just pushes you to work harder in general.


Favourite sport:
Not sure if you can consider canoeing a sport but I love to canoe
Hi I’m Danielle. I’ve been known has the class photographer this year, hence the nickname sniper. Photography is defiantly one of my passions. In the winter I like to snowboard and in the summer I play soccer. I have gone to camp every summer since I was 8 and will be a leader there this summer. I have been in extended French since grade 5 and also got the opportunity to go on an exchange to France. I am a very outgoing and happy person am always on the go.